Dlnet.delta.com FAQs

by Lenin on December 15, 2013

Who can use dlnet.delta.com?

The whole range of Delta Airlines ‘associates’ can use dlnet.delta.com which, in actual fact, is a ‘landing page’ from where one can access various portals on the Delta Extranet. Employees working for Delta Airlines are, for instance, likely to find the employee area of dlnet.delta.com highly useful. People who previously worked for Delta Airlines may also find the ‘retirees’ subsection in the employees portal at dlnet.delta.com highly useful. Folks who do business with Delta Airlines, also referred to as ‘business partners’ are similarly likely to find dlnet.delta.com useful. Now some of these ‘friends’ of Delta Airlines are sometimes given the opportunity to invite their ‘guests’ to make use of the airline’s pass or reduced-rate air transport. Such guests can also benefit from the ‘travel guide’ section of the Delta Extranet at dlnet.delta.com, as that section contains information on what is expected of them.

What computer settings do I need, to use dlnet.delta.com?

To use the functions of dlnet.delta.com that require you to be logged in, you need to have enabled cookies on your browser. Further, to use most of the functions on the site, you need to have enabled JavaScript, as JavaScript seems to be involved in the transitions from the landing page at dlnet.delta.com to the various other pages/portals on the site.

Can I use dlnet.delta.com remotely?

Yes. You don’t need to be on the Delta Intranet, to use dlnet.delta.com. As we said before, dlnet.delta.com leads to an ‘Extranet landing page.’ So it is meant for remote use. That being said, you will come to realize that there are certain bits of information that aren’t available on the extranet. But the system is programmed to inform you, when you attempt to access such bits of information, that aren’t available on the extranet.

What are some of the things that can be done at dlnet.delta.com?

One of the things you can do at dlnet.delta.com is access your employee information (for instance, pertaining to compensation, benefits and so on), if you work for Delta Airlines. Another thing you can do at dlnet.delta.com is access information pertaining to the travel privileges the airline offers to its ‘friends’ and what is expected of the people to whom such privileges are extended. That you do through the ‘travel guide.’ As a retiree or a ‘business partner’ trading with Delta Airlines, you can access various pertinent bits of information that you need through dlnet.delta.com.

How can one get help at dlnet.delta.com?

On most pages, there is a ‘help’ link you can click on to get help pertaining to various functions on the extranet. Alternatively, you can call the ‘help desk,’ but note that there is information on the ‘fine print’ page, about scenarios where you wouldn’t be advised to call the said help desk. That would be, for instance, when trying to access information that, in actual fact, isn’t accessible via the extranet.


Dlnet.delta.com – DeltaNet Employee Portal

by Lenin on October 4, 2013

Dlnet.delta.com is the site where people who work for Delta Airlines, people who previously worked with Delta Airlines (retirees), people who do business with Delta Airlines (business partners) and the company’s ‘friends’ can access its (Delta) Extranet. What happens when you enter dlnet.delta.com into your browser is that you end up on the landing page of the said Delta Airlines extranet. It would seem that Delta Airlines has an intranet and an extranet. So it is the extranet that is accessed through dlnet.delta.com.

delta extranet

The structure of dlnet.delta.com

The structure of the landing page at dlnet.delta.com is remarkably simple. There is a sidebar to the left of the page, with links to the various portals, namely:

  • The employee portal: this is meant for both current and retired employees.
  • The Non-employee portal: this is mainly meant to accommodate the travel guide.
  • The business partners portal: this is meant for folks like Delta contractors (who are not actually employees of the airline), OALs, the LTA center and so on.
  • The community partners portal: for some reason, this seems to be disabled by default. It is, however, meant for the various service groups associated with Delta Airlines, as well as various charitable organizations.

The middle main section of the page is occupied by a header (on the top part), with information to confirm that it is indeed the Delta Extranet, for the groups of people we have mentioned. At the very bottom of the page, there are links to, among others:

  • The main Delta website: the address to the main Delta Airlines website is delta.com. You can click on the link provided at the bottom of dlnet.delta.com to access that particular site.
  • Flight schedules: a considerable number of the visitors to dlnet.delta.com turn out to be folks who’d be interested in accessing Delta’s flight schedules. Accordingly, a link to a page where the same can be accessed is provided at the bottom of the extranet landing page, namely dlnet.delta.com.
  • Company information page: it is probably contemplated that a considerable number of the people who end up at the Delta Airlines extranet landing page are folks who, in actual fact, are interested in accessing the company’s basic information. Accordingly, a link to a page where the same can be accessed is provided, at the bottom of the extranet landing page, which is dlnet.delta.com.
  • The News portal: the folks for whom the Delta Airlines extranet landing page (dlnet.delta.com) is created, namely employees, retirees, business partners and so on, are the sorts of folks who’d be interested in knowing what is happening at Delta Airlines. Accordingly, a link to a page where such people can access Delta Airlines news is provided, at the bottom of the Delta Airlines Extranet landing page (which is dlnet.delta.com).


Dlnet.delta.com Travel Guide

by Lenin on March 18, 2014

Delta Airlines, whose extranet landing page can be accessed at dlnet.delta.com, offers employees (as well as their guests) what it refers to as ‘pass’ and reduced-rate air transportation. This is, of course, a privilege, and indeed it is one of the perks that Delta Airlines offers to its employees. The travel guide link at dlnet.delta.com is therefore supposed to provide information on how this whole arrangement works, and what is expected of the people to whom such a privilege is extended.

Accessing the dlnet.delta.com travel guide

In order to access the travel guide, you need to start by loading the Delta Airlines extranet landing page, which as we have said, is dlnet.delta.com. Once you are there, you will notice, on the left hand side, a vertical navigation bar (made of links to various portals on the site). One of those, you will notice, is labeled ‘travel guide.’ Click on that, and you are taken to the travel guide page, which is http://travelinfo.delta.com/dlnonrev/TravelGuide.htm.

The Two major sections in the dlnet.delta.com travel guide

There are two major sections in the dlnet.delta.com travel guide, namely:

  • The buddy-pass travel procedures section: this contains information on the procedures that are meant to be used by folks who are using the pass or reduced-rate travel privileges offered by Delta Airlines to its ‘friends.’
  • The buddy-quette section: according to Delta Airlines, there is a certain responsibility which comes with the pass or reduced-rate air transportation privilege that the company offers to its ‘friends.’ For instance, the people enjoying such privileges are expected to behave in a certain way. The exact behavior expected of such beneficiaries (in terms of etiquette) is described here.

The format in which the travel guide is presented

The travel guide information at dlnet.delta.com is presented in PDF format. This means that viewing it will probably require a PDF viewer.

Accessing the actual travel guide information

If, for instance, you want to access the information on applicable travel procedures, you need to start by loading the dlnet.delta.com travel guide page. You will notice, on the right hand side, that there is a small section rendered in a brownish color. This section actually contains links to the respective travel guide sections. So if you click on ‘bon voyage buddy’ you get to access the travel procedures bit of the travel guide. If you click on ‘buddy-quette,’ you get to access the section with information on the etiquette expected of people using these ‘pass or reduced-rate’ air travel privileges.


Dlnet.delta.com Login – Employee Sign In

January 15, 2014

Dlnet.delta.com can be described as the landing page of Delta Airline’s extranet. This extranet is set up for people like employees, retirees (who previously worked for Delta Airlines) and the airline’s business partners to access personal information. And that being the case, it naturally becomes necessary for there to be some sort of login mechanism. […]

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Dlnet.delta.com Employee Area

January 15, 2014

Majority of the people who land at dlnet.delta.com tend to turn out to be people who are interested in visiting the employee area. Dlnet.delta.com is, of course, a landing page, with links to the various portals in the Delta Airlines extranet. One of those is the link to the employee portal: where the airline’s employees […]

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