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by Lenin on January 15, 2014

Dlnet.delta.com can be described as the landing page of Delta Airline’s extranet. This extranet is set up for people like employees, retirees (who previously worked for Delta Airlines) and the airline’s business partners to access personal information. And that being the case, it naturally becomes necessary for there to be some sort of login mechanism. It is only through such a mechanism that the private information at dlnet.delta.com can be kept private. That is where only people who are logged into their accounts can access private information at dlnet.delta.com.

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Accessing the dlnet.delta.com login functionality

In order to access the login functionality, you need to click on one of the links leading to one of the portals that can only be used by people who are linked in. If, for instance, you are at extranet landing page, and you click on the ‘employees’ link, you will be taken to a page where you can find ‘terms and conditions’ for the extranet’s usage. That is also the page where, on the left hand side, there is a sidebar with spaces where you can enter the login credentials, in order to actually access your personal employment information. The same would apply if, from the extranet landing page, you clicked on the ‘retirees’ link, or one of the links under the ‘business partners’ banner.

The two login options at dlnet.delta.com

There are two ways in which you can go about logging into dlnet.delta.com.

The first way in which you can go about logging into dlnet.delta.com would be that in which you use a username and a password.

The second way in which you can go about logging into the Delta Airlines extranet would be that in which you use your Delta passport credentials.

The login procedure using username and password

All you have to do, to log into the Delta Airlines extranet using a username and a password is to enter the same in the respective spaces provided, and then click on the ‘logon’ button. For the whole thing to go through, you need to have enabled cookies on your browser.

The login procedure using Delta Passport credentials

You will find, on every page where login functionality is provided, a link labeled ‘use your Delta Password credentials to log in.’ That is the link you need to click on, whereupon a new tab will come up, with elaborate instructions on how to go about logging into the Delta Airlines Extranet using your Delta Passport credentials.

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